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Nothing much has been happening around here this past week. I'm still working to keep up with the tomato harvest. This time I'm making pizza sauce and running a bunch of cherry tomatoes through my dehydrator. With as much as I'm putting up this year, I should be able to grow something else instead of tomatoes next year and have plenty to tide me over. The figs are reaching the end of their season, but the persimmons are starting to show more color, so they should be ready to start harvesting in another month or so.

As is common at the end of the fiscal year, the scheduling department is trying to burn through all the money left in the overtime budget. I've been drafted for quite a few hours of overtime. Conveniently, the extra money should help pay off the expenses of my upcoming trip to Germany for Essen Spiel, the largest board game convention in Europe.

If I thought my luggage was stuffed full coming back from Gen Con, I can't imagine how I'm going to fit everything in my suitcase this time...



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