For posterity, here is the list of the games that I played on my trip this year. The #1 game was Valley of the Kings, with 4 plays of the base game, 3 plays of the Last Rites expansion, 1 play of the Afterlife expansion, and 1 play of all three combined (though only 1 card was used from Last Rites in that game).

Second was Dominion, with 3 plays of last year's Adventures expansion and 3 plays of this year's Empires expansion.

Third place was Bird of Happiness, a quick-playing deckbuilding game that I picked up at the Tokyo Game Market back in May.

The most-played non-deckbuilder was Codenames, with 2 competitive team plays of the base game and 3 cooperative plays of the Pictures expansion.

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I've been meaning to post a more in-depth report of my trip, but I haven't yet been able to find the time. I have, however, finally posted my geeklist summary of the convention. Take a look if you're interested in the various games I saw and played...and bought.
I just realized that we never came up with a theme for this quote list. ;_; It's shorter than one might expect, partly because we spent so much time at the con doing separate things, and partly because we spent so much time focused on games (and so little time drunk). In any case...

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