Jan. 30th, 2016

Game I Viewed:
Vinhos Deluxe Edition
Status: Funded

Vinhos is a heavy Euro game about the business of producing and selling wine. This project is for an updated version with new art and streamlined rules. There has, however, been a bit of an uproar over pricing (stretch goals are an additional $20, and the cost for shipping is high). The original game was too heavy for my taste, but this one drew my eye because of the reported simplification of some rules and the addition of an official variant for solitaire play.

I have been resisting most of the projects so far, but early February is going to have a flood of exciting games.
Since my parents arrived several weeks ago, I have corralled them into playing board games with me nearly every day. We have played 31 games so far, many of them for the first time. I'm hoping to use the experiences from play sessions to determine which games to keep and which ones to submit to the math trade at Gen Con this summer.

New-to-me games )

Repeat performances )

They've both enjoyed most of the games so far. Among the ones we've played, here are their favorites:

[livejournal.com profile] megory's Top Five
5. Pi mal Pflaumen
4. Zooloretto
3. Valeria: Card Kingdoms
2. Alea Iacta Est
1. Between Two Cities

With an honorable mention for At the Gates of Loyang because of the nice wooden vegetable playing pieces.

Dad's Top Five
5. Trajan
4. Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
3. Lewis & Clark
2. Valeria: Card Kingdoms
1. Merkator

There have been a few flops. These games were generally either too mean or too restrictive of the players' strategic opportunities to be considered fun. It's likely that they will end up in the trade pile.

1. Arboretum
2. Francis Drake
3. Kingdoms



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