Feb. 27th, 2016

Games I Viewed:
In the Name of Odin
Status: Funded

This is a Viking-themed hand management/resource management game from a publisher with a decent track record. If I hadn't already pledged for all the North Sea Trilogy games, I might have been more tempted. (Vikings are the new "in" theme, apparently...at least they're more interesting than zombies!) As it is, I think the game play is just a bit on the simplistic side for my taste. It doesn't add anything particularly novel compared to what I already own.

Status: Funded

This is a family adventure game with cutesy art. I find the art quite compelling, in a Legend of Zelda way. However, I suspect the game itself is too competitive to go over well in my circles (particularly since Rahdo has dubbed it too conflicty to do a runthrough video).

The Butterfly Garden
Status: 72% funded

This is a filler card game about collecting butterflies, from the designer of Biblios. I'm tempted, but I already have plenty of filler games. Without solitaire rules, it's unlikely to get played.

Mi Tierra
Status: Funded

This gateway worker placement game from Chile has cute art and custom meeple pieces. Of all the games this week, I find this one the most tempting. However, I already have two gateway worker placement games (Lords of Waterdeep and Pillars of the Earth), so I'm not sure I really need a third.



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