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I had three days off this past weekend, which was nice, because I really needed the extra time to get caught up after my two week Gen Con trip.

I spent Saturday working in the backyard, harvesting beans and tomatoes and potatoes. I also checked on my beehive, which isn't advancing as well as I had hoped. I suspect the queen isn't laying as many eggs as she could be. I rearranged some of the frames, because the bees were all crowding on the right half of the hive; hopefully when they don't feel as crowded they will be prompted into greater activity. They don't seem to be in any kind of distress (no sign that they're trying to raise a different queen, for example), and they're still making honey (so they don't appear to be suffering a nectar drought). There's still a couple months of summer left for them to kick into high gear, if they're going to improve.

I also took the dogs for a walk out to the nearby dog park. On the way, I passed a group of volunteers from the shelter where I got Rei. They were having a photo shoot with a bunch of their dogs. As I walked by, one of them recognized both me and Rei, which I think is pretty amazing, considering he was only there for about a day a whole year ago.

On Sunday I worked in the front yard. I cleared out a 4' x 4' space near the sidewalk, put in a low garden fence, and planted it with potatoes and carrots. I figure that will accomplish two things: Benny won't be able to dig up my root crops before I do, and it won't matter if any passing neighborhood dogs pee on the plants because the edible portion is underground. I plan to put another vegetable patch in the front yard in about a month, a bit farther back from the sidewalk, for growing chickpeas over the winter.

Monday I worked on household tasks, all the cleaning and cooking that needed to get done before the start of the work week. That pretty much ate up my whole day. It would have been nice to have even more days off to make progress on some backlogged projects, but I suppose I can't have everything.
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