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Let me run over for one minute and handle the nuclear explosion.

Thinking is more fun when you're drunk.

I was really interested in reading about zip codes!

If I'm like, "What's under this rock? Ooh, it's the dragon!" ...then we're all screwed.

I've got the bladder of whatever.

If you roll a 1, you might pee your pants.

I was thinking about having a root beer float...but then alcohol happened.

No matter how much I'm lying down, I want to be lying down more.

...According to the stove. The stove is wise.

Five points in hand is worth...nine in the bush?

Embrace the carrot!

...If I say "shmupiter," does that count?

I should be doing more touching.

If it was Jupiter, she would have said "shmupiter."
--But if it were Saturn, she would have said "apple"...

Welcome to the Card Poor house!

I'm waiting to see how long it is until I eat my game piece.

Faces were meant to be covered with cat hair!

If you have two Brain Hooks, can you make a sweater? A brain sweater?

Get in touch with your Inner Sarcophagus.

I'm looking at chips. Chips are more important than ghosts.

It's the cutest murder weapon.

I know I killed someone with suspenders!

Are we going to run out of sleeves? Is that a game ending condition?
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