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Game I Viewed:
Martians: A Story of Civilization
Status: Funded

This worker placement game about living on Mars can be played either competitively, semi-cooperatively (all players must help each other occasionally to survive, but there is only one winner), cooperatively, or solitaire. While I like the flexibility of play style, and the theme of Mars is hot right now, the actual game seems to lack anything novel. When I want a worker placement game, I already have several on my shelves.

Honorable Mention:
Watch It Played Season 6 (Indiegogo)
Status: 64% funded (note - money is collected on Indiegogo regardless of reaching the funding goal)

This campaign is for more board game video tutorials by Rodney Smith. It's thanks to him that I bought such games as Eminent Domain and Tokaido. He does a good job of showing how games work. Also, there are a few exclusive promo items being offered to backers (though none in particular that interest me).

On a tangential note, print-on-demand board game publisher Victory Point Games is ceasing their print-on-demand service when their current lease expires and will be converting to a more traditional publishing method (i.e. printing a fixed number of games, and when they're sold out, they're gone until the next printing--if it ever comes). I mention this because they're currently (until July 20) having a 10% off sale on all their merchandise, so if you want to grab one of their games before they stop printing, now is a good time. Notably, they are the publisher of Frontier Stations (aka "cooperative Machi Koro in space").
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